When is the best time to drop the L word?

I LOVE YOU! When in a relationship when do you think its best to say I love you to your significant other? Let me hear your opinion,

  • First day
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  • the second week
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  • Other , I will explain down below
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  • When you think that you love him


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  • You can take as long as many months. There is no time. However, it would be a good idea to only say it when you truly mean it and not too repetitively.

    • Not repetitively? Why?

    • I was only saying it because I'm not like that but if you are happy saying it every single day... ok. Just be yourself.

    • There's not a day that I don't tell my girl I love her. How often depends on the person. Say it as often as you feel you should

  • Whenever you're ready. There's no set time for loving someone. It does take time, though. So when you love him, tell him.

  • When you feel it and are ready to tell him.

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