I started talking to this girl and everything was perfect but yesterday she told me she was talking to somebody else. What does this mean?

The first night we met we talked on the phone for 5 hours. We get along so well and both laugh and smile nonstop. She even told me some very personal info. The last few days we talked on the phone every morning, every break at wotk and every night on the phone. And when we hungout there was never a dull moment. When she hugged me goodbye it was a nice hug, not a bro hug and it lasted like 7 seconds. And she told me she was excited to hangout again. But then yesterday she told me she was talkin to someone else and wants to see where that goes. Im not sure what to do, people told me to ignore her and she will come around, and others say to actually keep talking to her. I already called off our plans for Monday so i can cool down and that upset her. I was a perfect gentleman the whole time and now i get this. Hell?


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  • I'd ignore her. She can see where it goes with this other person but I definitely wouldn't stick around to find out. Plenty of fish buddy.

    • I actually think im gona take your advice. Screw the "waiting game".