Meeting a guy for drinks?

What is the best kind of place to meet a guy for drinks, a guy that you really like and want to get to know better romantically. Also what should I wear?

  • nice restaurant/Bar
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  • sports bar
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  • Dive bar
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  • A club/place that has dancing
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  • other/suggestion
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  • I chose restaurant because it's social, but not all that loud how a bar and sports bar would be. I'm not to sure about a restaurant either because then you're eating food and talking and you don't want food spilling out of your mouth while your talking to him because you shouldn't be talking with food in your mouth lol

    With all that being said , I would say a restaurant bar like TGIF or something like that, because then you can have small appetizers with drinks!


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  • I would keep it simple. A place that is low key and will allow you to talk and get to know each other. Maybe a coffee shop first than go to a bar if things are clicking. Wear something that does not scream "high maintenance!" lol


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