This odd or am I over reacting?

Last night I booked a room for myself and my bf who lives two hours away we had a great night together , I said to him thank you for the drinks last night and he replied thank you for the booking. My heart sank ! It suddenly felt unspecial when he said this and classed our special night together as a booking? :/ what do you think? Am I over reacting


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  • I think you are over reacting. He knew it was special if he didn't he wouldn't of thanked you. He literally thanked you for the part of the evening that was out of the ordinary thus making the night special and you are mad? WTF? Seriously he was being nice and drawing attention to how you went out of your way to do something nice and because he thanked you, you are upset? I'm just so lost, who cares what word he used. You would find it crazy if he got mad because you thanked him for the drinks. Can you imagine that. "Oh it felt unspecial when my gf thanked me for the drinks I bought her on our date, because she just called them drinks" Seriously booking is what you did, he could of said thank you for the romantic getaway but so what its the same thing and that's what he meant get over it. So he isn't going to write romance novels.

    • Just felt business like that's all. Anyway we had a nice evening , obviously I haven't overreacted to him lol I just thought it came across cold

    • Like i said yeah he won't be writing romance novels but in HIS head he meant exactly what you wanted him to say, just the word he used to say it was not ideal. His intention was there trust me or he wouldn't of even realized he needed to thank you for anything at all.

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  • I think he was thanking you for something you paid for in return not that you're only a hotel room to him.

    • I think that's how it came across and it felt business deal like

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    • I suppose so , it was a good night maybe I just over think things

    • Focus on the many good parts of the evening instead of just one moment. From what you say there must have been a lot of them.

  • Your over reacting he was thanking you for booking the rooms so instead of saying thank you for booking the rooms he says thank you for the booking

    • Would've been nicer if he thanked me for a great night :( but all he said was thank you for the booking

    • He may not have a silver tongue but the thought is the same and in the end it's the thought that is most important.

  • You are over reacting. You said "drinks" saying thank you for him spending money on you, he is just saying back on the same level, thank you for spending money on me.