GAGers: What would make you want to end a date right then and there?

Scenario: You've been seeing this person exclusively for a while now (about a couple months), you're currently on your fourth date, and it looks like you and this person will soon start a full relationship. Suddenly they fucked up and did something that completely turned you off from them, and you decided to get your things and leave the date right at that moment. What did they do?

It has to be something that would make you want to end the date at THAT moment, not just make you not want to go on another date.


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  • Checked out another guys bum.
    Pulled out a cigarette or blunt.
    Asking "my place or yours."
    Make a prejudiced or racist remark about someone.
    Got annoyed/made a comment about a child misbehaving in public.
    We encounter his friend... he introduces me as a friend... acquaintances... etc.
    He doesn't tip.
    He gropes me.
    Has one too many drinks.
    He texts/answers his phone throughout the date in it's entirety.
    He flirts with another woman openly in front of me.
    He puts his fork on my plate.

    The list can go on and on.


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  • If they said something unforgivable and mean


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  • Umm shit her pants? That might do it. If she shit my pants, I would run screaming. Just saying.