I need mature advice?

I was 22 seeing a 18 year old. She wanted nothing serious (w/e the fak that meant). She'd tease when drunk (touch me, send me pics, dirty dance, make out, dirty talk) but still no sex since she was a "virgin" and wanted to wait. We kept it pg-13 dating until it was our 8th month dating/anniversary. That night i tried sexing her because i got tired of waiting. I also seen i was loosing her (no more making out, touching and only peck kisses, she began to flirt around). She ended up getting mad with me because i came too strong and dumped me that night. She then left to college but we kept in touch. I will see pics of her flirting, dirty dancing on dudes and partying and drinking (college life). She now has tatoos and a tongue piercing. Not that matters but she comes from a college educated fam vs my family in the ghetto.

Today i'm now 24 and she's now 20. She still say's she's a virgin do you believe it? She keeps saying she won't put out etc and feels threaten by other girls when i talk to them. She could be just a tease but I don't know.

She dirty talks example

Me: I wonder how i can get paid more this summer?

Her: hmmm by $ukin d! ck

another example

Her: baby can you buy me a slice of pizza and i will $uck your d1ck?

Me: Sorry not today not home (i was 200 miles away at the time)


Me: How about we do this next time we're together ehhh?

Her: No boy you can stay dry!


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  • She said she wanted to wait and you got mad because you dated her for 8 months and nothing happened? You should never date or see anyone with different goals for the relationship or potential relationship. That's like being a woman's friend because you think you can turn friendship into romance. It doesn't work. In those situations it's best to say something like "Babe, I like you and I really enjoy our time together, but as long as we want different things from a relationship I think it's better we see other people and just stay friends". She dumped you because you tried to force her to do something she didn't want to do.

    It sounds like she's changed as a person in college. Obviously I don't know her, but from those texts it doesn't sound like she's very mature. Either way, if she was asking to see you and you want to see her, then you should schedule something. Even if you're out of town ask her when she's free, "I'd like to see you too, but I'm out of town. We can have some fun when I get back, how long are you going to be in town?" Women will feel like you're blowing them off if you don't at least offer to schedule something with them.

    If she makes an excuse or is mean you need to just play it cool and make a joke. If she says she's changed her mind and doesn't want to see you now, then you could say something like "Alright, when you decide miss me again let me know and we'll go have some fun". Or if she says "you can stay dry!" you could have responded "haha, That's what you think ;)".

    If you can maintain confidence and be mysterious, you'll be surprised at how quickly a woman can become attracted to you. Likewise, if you're weak and emotional, you'll be surprised at how quickly a woman will lose interest in you. Always be sweet and playful with women, but also don't be afraid to call them out or end the conversation if they're being rude or mean to you.


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  • Has she performed oral sex, or is this her teasing you? If she's not putting out and that's what you want, then you should move on. Let her know you're not into these games, and move on.

  • I dont really think its important to know if she's a virgin or not. She might be, she might not be. Do you still have feelings for her?

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