Is this woman online playing games with me?

talking to a woman I met on a dating site, lots of talking, claims she wants to be just friends. so I stopped talking with her she started messaging me again wanting to talk and hang oiut at some point, again just as friends. I told her nvmd, I didn't go on a dating site to find a friend. and wished her well. WTF

Oh and to add, I am good looking, I think she is just... ok. looking but I liked her personality.


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  • How is she playing games when she blatantly told you what she wants

    • why does she keep contacting me when I told her iwasnt interested in the friend thing?

    • Because she just wants you around i guess. If you don't like it or it hurts you to be her friend when you want to be more, end contact.

    • I did, today I was just curious if it was just a game or if she was interested but was playing hard to get or something, I hate games is all.

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