What are women REALLY looking for on dating sites?

I've used dating sites in the past and I only 2 time in 3 years have I gotten a real date from them. Now I'm not questing of they work or not, I think I just answered that question however I remember how hard it was to get any of the girls on the site interested. I'm talking about the girls that fall in the 6-10 range.

Any thoughts on why women are harder to attract online. Also I heard that the players make a killing on dating sites.


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  • Do you have these military pics up?

    • Yes, I had 2 however I took one of them down. I don't want it to come across as I'm trying to use that to get laid. Then again now that I thought about it I had more success when I wasn't using any military pic's as my main. Hmm... interesting...

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    • Wow... I never knew that was going on. Kool, in the future I'll use my normal pic's.

    • Yea, and guys in general don't get as much from women on these sites, less replies less dates less everything. Well that's what guys tell me and the guys on this site say anyway

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