What would you say are good ideas for the first few dates?

The other day, I had the odd realisation that aside from 'going for drinks' I have never really done any of the typical dating things. So I was left wondering: with all soppy, overly romantic and cheesy Disney scenarios aside, what do people generally tend to do for the first couple of dates before the soppy, overly romantic and cheesy Disney scenarios become acceptable?

So in short, what would you do/like to do for the first few (lets say 3) dates you go on with a person?


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  • Amusement Park, Dinner while Sailing, Paintball, IceSkating, Gambling at the Casino, Cooking Classes, Go Kart Racing, Etc.


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  • Movies, ice skating, picnic (not in this weather lol), arcade, fair ground, dinner of course.
    Somebody took me apple picking before which was really nice and unique for a first date.


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