Player or is he actually into me?

he was this cute guy i saw at the rink and apparently he works there (idk why) and my friend somehow found his Facebook and started talking with him, then he and i became friends

**please read one of them or all of the hints that he might like me?**

and today he asked my what i'm doing and i was like eating and i said what about you
and he said "talking to someone cute" and i was like same
and he asked me who
and i didn't want to say
and i asked him what about him
and i think he meant me
he said "Jenny your" when i asked for the cute girl he was talking to's name
i think he meant jenny your's
as in that's my name

he sent me 'ilove you' on snapchat once but then i was like what
he was like "what" too so i told him he said something and he said he didn't
he said his cousin might've took his phone
but his cousin's like

he and i have only seen each other once..
I don't know

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  • He seems to be C while trying to be B hoping for A

  • anyone under 24 lacks the brain capacity to even be a plyer they are all tarded


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