Guys, is a woman's kindness a sign of weakness in a relationship?

I feel like if I'm genuinely kind to a man I end up being used and then they disappear. It seems When I am distant, not real open, and just uninterested in them they won't disappear...
Why is that?


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  • Never. Kindness is the most important thing I could ever want in a woman. If I had someone like that, I would not ever want to let them go. Yet, it's usually she who won't stay.

  • Very good question maybe theyre just not ready for commitment and want to play the lets see how long i can be single and date women game which is sad really.

    Now to the scenario where you are a too nice its actually a treasure and luxury not all women have so feel empowered by it and you'll see a man will sweep you off your feet and hold you in his arms onto that kindness you spread so much off.


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