I need my guy alone. Privacy is a problem. Any new ideas on how to get him in private?

We both live with parents, and we are getting to a more serious point sexually. We haven't had sex. We haven't even been without pants, but we probably would have if we had privacy. His mom is ALWAYS around. She practically tracks him. My parents would freak if they even saw us kiss, so anywhere around my place is out of the question. I want to move further, but we can't find privacy if our lives depended on it. Please help, it seriously sucks. (fyi I'm 17, not 19. My account is wrong and I can't change it)


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  • It is called a car.

    • It's called his mom knows when he leaves a place and when he gets to the next destination. I'm not stupid. I tried.

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    • @Asker
      Sucks for you. My mom knows im sexually active, though she can't do much cuz she's an airline attendant so she gone most of the time and my dad left when i was little so i have the house to myslef 90% of the time. I fuck there.

    • I can't even explain the amount of jealousy I have right now. My parents have trust issues. Its serious, as in I barely am allowed at home by myself. I have never done anything to make them not trust me. It sucks :(

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