Is it possible to trick yourself into being in love with someone when you are not?

I think I might have done it. Most of my life I was ignored and bullied, all I ever wanted was some love (cheesy I know but its true).

I pushed everyone away and then this one guy began to push me. He was supposedly in love with me. But I had never found him attractive or had any interest in him. I tried pushing him away but he kept pushing me until I finally dated him.

The next day I kissed him wasting my first kiss. BUT after that I had a hard time kissing him. I pulled away everytime he tried to kiss me.

I won't lie. He wasn't a good boyfriend. He was always busy and rarely had time for me but you could tell he really liked me. Later he dumped me.

Now I am in love with him. I don't understand why but I am. IF ANY OF YOU try the "you used him" shit, I don't want to hear it. Because I fucking rejected him more than once, he kept pushing no matter how hard I tried to push him away.

The question is, did I trick myself or what?

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  • Sometimes I feel this way when a guy showers me with attention and he suddenly pulls away. I miss the attention and love the attention, so it appears as though I love the person, but I actually miss the attention. It's sort-of like when we want the things we can't have, but once we get them we lose interest. While it feels like you're in love with him, this is a high possibility, and you won't know for sure, because it feels exactly like the feeling of falling in love. Only time can tell.


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  • Love is a strange thing isn't it? it's also unconditional, so I believe that yes you can love or be in love with someone that is not necessarily good for you, BUT that doesn't mean that you should be with them, especially if they make you feel horrible about yourself.

    • He never made me feel horrible. He made me feel great. There were only few issues and a big one was time. Huh thanks.