What are the hints a guy wants a kiss and how can you hint for a kiss from a guy? Not dating.

i need to know what signs a guy gives when he wants to kiss. also how can a girl hint for a kiss from a guy? they're not dating or boyfriend girlfriend. thanks


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  • If you want to do everything 'good and proper', then here are a few clues you can send us guys. Firstly, you need to show him that you are comfortable for him to belong in your "personal and especially your intimate distance". usually called your 'bubble'. However you do not want to make him too uncomfortable. You can do this by getting closer by an angle. don't approach head on but try shoulder to shoulder. Your 'intimacy bubble' is about 3-5 in. and your personal being around 3 ft. Now you also have to show your are comfortable with him touching you. Best way is to show him this is by showing him what you already are able to get past. I usually as a guy start with being able to break certain barriers. Your arm being my first, then your hands, your small of your back, next your hair, and lastly your chin to lips. For you I would say start with his arm, be casual at first, do it teasingly like if he makes a joke touch gently, the slightly place pressure as if to push, but don't actually push. Then later to his shoulder with a 1 1/2 sec. rub. His hands are second. Do so playfully but in a way to show your interest. It could be as casual as Which do you prefer, for your thumb to be on top or bottom when holding hands? (while demonstrating on him) (oh and don't do each one of these in sucession in the matter of minutes. use over the minimum of a couple hours preferably, you may even have to do a few repeatedly) Now if he still doesn't get the hints by now he is a moron. And I don't know why you like him. But an almost fool proof method is if you ever get into a truly intimate situation where you are closer than personal bubble. Tell "I'm trying so hard not to kiss you right now." It has never failed me. I think my friend crashed and burned with it, but he did it way to soon and with comfort levels with touching yet. Well I truly hope my advice helps although it was uite long.

  • "can I kiss you?"

    Work's a treat.


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