Girls: How important is a guy's hair for his attractiveness?

How important is a guy's hair for his attractiveness?

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  • He would be hot even if he's bald
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What Girls Said 1

  • i say somewhere between those two options. guys need haircuts that fit them. some guys looks absolutely awful with super short hair and other guys look super hot with super short hair (i'm talking like buzzcut short). so it's important that he gets something that fits him, but it's like like a dealbreaker.

    well unless he has long hair but then that's just because i just don't like long hair. no pony tails please!


What Guys Said 2

  • dude just saying you can be very attractive if you got a nice hair style. Some girls like it long to run there fingers through and some like it short. It all depends. but hair plays a huge role. I know im a guy but I know it matters. take this as a bro to bro thing XD

  • I'd say fairly important. Obviously they wouldn't like guys with greasy long hair dangling towards their torso. Most girls that I have known say that they don't necessarily care as long as it looks clean and nice

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