I don`t know what to do.. is this for real?

Ok, i've met this girl, she's super nice, super cute, and we are getting more and more intimate lately.. but she is way out of my league, really, i dont even believe how could she end up talking to me at all.
And this is not about self esteem or something, because i'm not THAT bad looking, she is just TOO beautiful and nice.
Ok, i make her laugh and stuff like that, but i can't imagine how long this would work..
I want this, but i don`t want to get frustated either..
So.. what should i do?


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  • You should understand that she likes you for you and keep flaunting what you've got!

    • but, if i'm not good enough? i don't know what she expect from me..

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    • thanks man!

    • No problem!

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