Girls; flirty behaviour question for you?

Would you send flirty texts, sometimes about sex, to a friend you have known for about a year just because you were drunk, If you weren't attracted to him?


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  • I did once. I felt so shit after, it was terrible. He really thought I meant it 🙈 i learned from my mistake lol

    • Mmm... I hear ya, that would be hard to recover from lol well she only gives me friend vibes when we are face to face sooo?

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    • Lol yea she wants you, just doesn't have the guts to be real about it. Nobody does that twice, and definitely not to the same person.
      Text her the same kind of thing, or at least invite her to your house for "movies and dinner"

    • :D I'll come up with something! Lol thanks

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  • Nah, I wouldn't. Drunk or sober. If I'm sending you sexual texts its because I want you.

    • Well I thought so! But when we are face to face she Is all friend vibes only... Humph, maybe I should just make some sort of move?

    • Not all girls are the same!

      Give it a go if you feel comfortable in doin so, but she may not have the same viewpoint as I. :)

  • Hmmmm can't say that I have before, but alcohol and me its possible.


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