Do I stop with the texting and calling all together, or is there another way to handle things?

OK you met a guy and exchanged numbers . He calls you the next day and you thought the conversation went well laughing and serious talk he even said he want s to take you out . But you noticed he hardly ever calls you or text you . Unless you text or call first. And he know I want him to be more involved. But now I'm tired of being the leader in this . So do I stop with the texting and calling all together or is there another way to handle things


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  • hey! there are girls that does this too. I think some people have a big ego and likes to chase / being chased.

    Don't fall for their games, I can tell its not suitable (and you wouldn't enjoy it in a long run). Let them play with someone else who likes games, and you can go find a man that's like you.


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  • ugh... my friend and I had the same situation seriously what's up with guys doing this?...but here is what we did and it workd some what... we didn't txt them or talkd to them at all soon they noticed that and they ended up txtn and calling us . but also I think that is a little too risky, so I sugjest you call him and than when you two end the conversation tell him to call you when he can and if he does call you it means he is intrested and if he doesn't than you have your answer and he don't have an intrest.

    • Sounds good ... thanks alot

    • Your welcome. let me kno how it went.

    • Ok I will