Why is he lying? Should I confront him?

Alright so I've been in an online relationship with this guy for 2 years. I found his fb once and he made me promise not to look at it. Anyway about a month ago he told me that he was going to basic training. While there, he texts me A LOT. Like we text as much as we did when he was here maybe even more. he's never busy or anything. I got suspicious and checked his fb. There are pics of him at parties when he's supposed to be at training. he's lying. Should i confront him? How? He even says stuff like "oh im cleaning" or "we just worked out" he knows stuff about it but still. he's lying. Please help.


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  • They don't allow cell phones in basic training, to my knowledge.

    Don't ever put up with lying. Tell him to come clean or hit the road.

    • he's saying that he sneaked it in. at first he told me his recruiter said that it was ok for him to have his phone and now he's saying that he sneaked it in

    • He sounds like a pathological liar to me.

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