Should I tell my boyfriend about my eating disorder?

--been together 2 years
--Had sex issues (he had low libido)
-- We have sex a bit more now but it's not ideal. He doesn't make me come often (it's been 4-5 months)
--things are slowly getting better and we're both trying
--he's getting really good at oral lately

My issue, I accept full responsibility for my actions and am only saying how I feel and not blaming anyone


Please no jokes. I was fit 5'3" 110 and now I'm 130 over the course of 4 months. (I actually look good still lol curvy as f***) but i can't keep this up because it'll get out of hand. I eat all day in a trance while I study or do work. I hide it from my boyfriend because I'm ashamed and feel guilty.

So I want to tell him

--I'm making up for sexual pleasure with food.

But then I am embarrassed! And make him feel like a jackass?


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  • You both have 'Been together 2 years' and hopefully counting here, dear, and with this long lasting relationship, you have come through a few storms with working out the waves and keeping the lines of communication wide open it appears you Both-------Are slowly getting better and we're both trying.
    However, with your 'Eating disorder' that has slowly gotten out of control, there is still a problem that remains to be discussed amongst the both of you. There is something that isn't satisfying you Yet with him in between the sheets or you wouldn't be having this 'Food affair' and in between snacks to satisfy your own appetite.
    It could be physiological and perhaps it might be best to speak to a counselor. He is trying to please you but it may not be enough, even if you were to find him pleasuring you 24/7, it could go deeper than you even think.
    Talk this over with him first. Perhaps you both can get to more of the root of this problem and work it out. He sounds as though he has come a long ways and even with his foreplay, you have even admitted the 'Oral' is getting better.
    And if you still feel the scales are weighing heavy on you, seeks some help where it doesn't throw a monkey wrench into your relationship that you both have come so far with and that he doesn't end up to... feel like a jackass.
    Good luck. xx


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  • since you're together for 2 years it means you trust him... so you should, don't hide it


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  • then you should talk to him. How else do you think you two are going to understand eachother better if you are not communicating?

  • Eating disorders suck. I'm sorry. I think i've got one too. Yes, tell him. he'd like to know and he should know about it.