Do you have out of the ordinary criteria you find attractive in the opposite sex?

I like patient women. If a woman is willing to put up with my sh°t then I know she's got mother-of-my-children potential.


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  • Well yeah, my criteria are out of the ordinary today... kind, humble, affectionate, respectful if men, family minded. It's pretty damned hard to find those things in today's "women".

    • Thanks for MH.

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  • I think patience is giving someone time to adjust to new situations withiit judgement and communicating openly and honesty when they are uncertsin or frustrated or confused.

    But that is tremendously different than eating shit.

    Being a door mat isn't a great mothering quality. You don't want your kids growing up to be cowards.

    You may not have meant you want her to accept any bad treatment without protest consequence or dignity. Bit it sounded like you did.

    Patience aldo involves disciplining bad behavior so the oetsin has sn opportunity to learn from their mistakes. As apposed to just blowing up at thdm or dumping thdm for being bad. If you just give people shit you're acting like a child and they will treat you like one... Which yes would illustrate very strong parenting skills.

    Logically, You will want a " no bullshit" person as a parent. not a "take bullshit" person. in my opinion.

    Not tolerating bullshit, doesn't mean walking out on a crises. it just means setting boundaries commanding respect enforcing accountability and revoking privileges.


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