Please help me. I have no idea what's going on between me and my friend/boyfriend. We are new to this. Any advice?

On Valentine's Day I finally had the courage to ask out the guy I like and he said yes (in a beating around the bush kind of way). A few days later I was so excited that I drew a drawing of us together holding up a heart. I thought it was nice and cute. Several days later he never replied and I saw that he saw it. I think I might've spooked/scared him with the thought of entering a relationship since we're both new to this. Below is the conversation we had in regards to the drawing. I know I made a mistake, so now I'm taking it slow, but how do I advance over time (to hand-holding or something)? And what does he mean? Does he just feel bad for me or does he want to give it a try at least? Any other thoughts or opinions? (Please don't be too harsh/offensive xP)

Him: But you have to understand I'm not really sure if I'm at that stage yet

Me: You mean getting used to or becoming ready?

Him: Yeah. You're definitely a nice person and I enjoy your company. But something is holding me back from saying, "aww I love u too".

Him: And it's very clear that you're into me

Him: So part of me doesn't want to let you down

Him: But again I don't quite feel the same way

Me: Well it is pretty early... I think maybe we just need time. And if it doesn't turn out well, you're not forced to be with me. You don't have to say "I love you" right away though.

Him: Yeah


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  • He definitely grew cold duck feet herre, dear, and yes, I agree-----I know I made a mistake. He has told you he is not ready nor raring for A Real Relationship right now, he hasn't had a chance to know you long enough to label "I love you" just yet and it sort of scared him.
    If he is willing to nurse and nurture this and see where it goes, go slow with his flow and wait until you are both sure if i's meant to be a ripe ol' romance that old Mother Nature will sometime down the row reap.
    Silence is golden here on after, for many Ttmes too Soon----Talking can mean walking.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Woh, slow down! The first date is not the time to start thinking about relationships yet. That's like stalker weird, the usual order is first date check each other out, second get to know each other, third start THINKING about where you want it to go, and then both of you talk about what you want from this thing (it's not even really a relationship yet) and go from there.

    So yes you screwed up, now to fix it. He's going to put the breaks on HARD, let him set the pace if and that is a big IF he REALLY likes you he'll set a second date. If not, well... good luck on your next future BF.

  • That's a guys way of putting you down easy , you can either see how things go or drop him like he's hot haha


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  • Honestly.. he just isn't interested in a relationship with you. He is being nice is all because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. But dont worry someone else will come along. ;)

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