Will she be mad about this?

So my crush asked me out (not the normal dates) today but it was hard this specific day. I had lots to do. But if I didn't say much we would eventually go out. Im cursing myself for this right now xD
We would go running and coffee after and I started saying what time.. where we would go and say excuses with the thought it would ease me and help me program my time. We ended up cancelling that and do it another day. I really wanted to go with her! I had time but I was a bit confused with today's program and ended up messing things up. I am worried that she's thinking that I used 100 excuses so I could tell her indirectly that I didn't want to go. When the truth is that I wanted. After I re-read my messages I was feeling so dumb :/ I'm afraid that she'll be mad or sad.. don't know..


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  • That's why you actually do follow up and ask her yourself so she knows you do want to go out. If she's upset it's not irreparable but she probably won't ask you herself again.

    • I hate myself so much right now :'(

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    • come on, you're being unrealistic if you think you're not going to be able to find a time when you can both go. just because it hasn't worked twice doesn't mean it won't work the next 3 times.

    • Yeah its my mind sometimes that makes me think that I have so bad luck that something like that will happen:P

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  • well if it was cancelled then figure out a date that u can defo go and ask her! this way it shows u didn't just not want to go because u are making the effort to re-organise it which means u do want it to happen


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  • Oh hey, I think I saw her post yesterday complaining about you!

    Dude, come clean, tell her you're interested and didn't want to risk saying 'no' but then couldn't manage the timing. Ask if she would be interested on a day you've got plenty of time. An apology for the confusion is acceptable ;)

    • She asked me today.. anyways can you comment the link to that complain you're saying? :P Im curious

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    • If it were me, I'd probably say something like:

      "Hey, I'm interested in that date, didn't want to blow it, feel like I handled things a bit like an idiot. Can we try again on Xday, and I'll be more relaxed, because I won't be trying to manage work"

      But then again, maybe shutting up for a while is a good idea ;) So after that message, I'd put my phone down :p

    • hahaha thanks!

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