What if anything should I tell the guy I just started dating?

I was with my ex about 2 years and we broke up. I fell out of love and he cheated anyway. We will not get back together. We are living together, he's supposed to move out March 1st but he may be here until April 1st. We broke up in January. We occasionally have slept together, but emotionally, we're done.

I've been on a few dates with two people. 1 with one guy (I really only got a friend vibe), 2 with another (who I'm kinda liking). Neither has kissed me.

They know I'm living with my ex.

The thing is, I don't want to jump into anything exclusive yet. I want to date and really know what I want (I don't mean sleep around). I want to get to know people. I was just in something serious, and while I don't want to hurt anyone, I don't know how to best do that.

How much do they need to know? Should I tell them I'm seeing others? Should I tell them I've hooked up with my ex? Is there like, after a certain amount of dates I should reveal any of this?


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  • just make sure the guys know you are not looking for a exclusive relationship right now


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  • I would go with the flow and see where the questions lead. I wouldn't get too personal right away especially if there is no chemistry. If you've been on a few dates I would then be open about what you're looking for and your current living situation. It's good for you both to be on the same page that way nobody is hurt and you've addressed the topics prior to things getting more serious.