Should Girls Keep It Simple When It Comes to Love?

I have realized that when it comes to what they want in a girl, guys keep it really simple, general, while girls go into detail like:
He needs to be:
1. Tall
2. Handsome
3. Have money
4. Be a certain race sometimes
They really go into detail, painting a picture of a guy they think that will make them happy. No lie, I used to be that girl but now I feel if girls kept it simple they would be a lot more happy. All girls should look for a hardworking, kind, patient, intelligent man. Give and take some qualities that you have within yourself and desire in others. But we should keep it thag simply! Guys and girls do you agree? :)


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  • Yeah... they should.


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  • Maybe they should, maybe not.
    If you plan to marry him, then well it's kind of necessary that he has to be 'perfect'. Who wants to marry a guy which you dont like?

    Can you answer my question please?

    • But you see that is what "perfect" is despite his imperfections he is capable of loving you endlessly, making you happy, providing for you and the family, with the fact that you will be providing as well. He is one of the best. As great as you are. It's really all about making you happy. Happiness shouldnt'tbe details. Happiness should just be or not be.

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