To every nice guy and any guy thinking why he can't have gf?

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  • I consider myself a nice guy not in the way that is portrayed in that article. I'm a nice guy in the sense that I have manners and that I often think of others before myself BUT I am NOT in no way a pushover. If I see a woman walking behind I won't go out of my way to open the door or give a woman a seat unless she asks for one. I have my set of principals and morals that may go against the typical 'nice guy' way but whatevs... I do my own thing.

    But I can't comment on my experience in dating since I have none unfortunately... don't really know what are my chances with women with my attitude since I never approach due to asociality. But If I were to approach a woman I would in no way bombard her with compliments and gifts - those things have to be earned.

    • It may help other guys

  • Because I care too much about, I have strong emotions and I was moving too fast with her :/ I just wanted to make her happy, secure, but I was doing opposite.

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