Why does he still have an online dating profile when it seems like we're close? Been dating for 2 months and still checks online site?

Yes, it means that I checked because I was curious if we were feeling the same way. I deleted mine, and was hoping he had done the same. He had it deleted a few weeks ago but he seemed distanced and so I checked again. A simple Google search of his user name showed an active profile. It even said "online now".

I'm sad because he clearly doesn't take it as seriously as I do. It's especially confusing when he originally deleted it but then reactivated it. How do I approach this? Will it scare him off if I ask why he still has it?

The thing is that all signs point to exclusivity (not bf/get necessarily, but dating only each other) when we're together and when we text. We've met each others friends, are intimate, he makes comments about the future, and things just seem to feel right so I don't know why he would still go on there...

What's his deal? Some of my friends have said it's out of boredom or it's a back up if we don't work out. I don't know if that's a real excuse though. If he was really into me, wouldn't he drop that altogether?

What do I do?


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  • It's only been two months. I wouldn't think it was an exclusive relationship as well.


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  • Probably just keeping his options open if it falls apart. He'll probably delete it once things get further.


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  • He's a sex addict!