My cousin wants me to date her friend when I go to Alanta soon, any advice?

Ok, so my cousin has came and visited me from Dallas, Georgia (Near Atlanta), the moment she got here she brung up the girl, asking me if I want to date her. I asked her what girl, and she showed me a pic of her, and I've gotta say, she is the prettiest girl I've EVER seen, She has pretty, tannish brown skin, beautiful hair, nice legs, and a nice shape. Like I said, she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen, plus we're the same age! (16) So I will be going to Dallas this spring break to see my cousins, and I might meet her, so if I did, how should I approach her?


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  • DUDE, are YOU, a 16yr old boy, asking how to ask out a girl? You are seriously over thinking this... tell her the whole 'shes the prettiest' yada yada sappy stuff and you got yourself a girl. Lol i just made this sound like some sort of rooky drug deal. The sadness of me.

    • Lol, I've never had a girlfriend since my mom said that its more important to focus on getting out of high school. I think she'll let me date her, but I'm am a little nervous and excited.

    • you have never had a girlfriend? WOW my mom feels the same way about me and boyfriends but i have dates to dance bruh... nervous AND excited? lol you would make the girls i know swoon for being so... soft

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