Ladies, is there any way a guy can screw this up?

There have been a few occasions where I'm having lunch at some place, and a girl that's sitting diagonal across from me starts looking at me like she's flirting... I assume it's because she wants me to talk to her.

I've always been Shy (but only when it comes to talking to girls). So I never really act on it. And I'm very bad at starting conversations with girls that I like - if the goal is to start a conversation.

For example, I could probably only come up with lame stuff like "So... do you go to school here?" "What Major?"..."Oh cool"... things like that. Then I wouldn't know what else to say.

So girls, if you flirt with a guy and invite him over to talk to you, do you think it would be a turn off if it's hard for him to start conversations? Or if he's awkward and doesn't have anything interesting to say during the conversation?

Also, any tips and advice on what to say during the initial conversation would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, is it OK to try and start the convo if the girl is sitting with a girl friend?


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  • If you have the guts to approach a girl then I wouldn't sweat talking to her. I think its cute when a guy is nervous to talk to you, it shows that you actually do care. But when you're talking to her and you find yourself running out of things to talk about ask her about herself. Girls can talk for hours about themselves. If you find out you and this girl have something in common talk about that for a while. I know what you're coming from when you say you run out of things to talk about, girls feel the same way. Don't be nervous or worry about running out of things to say. Worse comes to worse if you run out of things to say, look at the girl and say that you have to go but you would like to keep the convo going and ask for her number and in the time it takes you to text her think of things you would talk to your friends that are girls. I hope this helps!


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