How to bounce back from this happening?

So I'm kinda scared of online dating now. Last night I was tricked into webcam blackmail how do I bounce back and not believe all women are evil and out to get me


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  • Can you answer me this: how many times do people have to say "Get off the online dating and go talk to people in real life" before you'll actually do it?

    • I have aspergers syndrome that doesn't work for me. And I read up on it they suggested online dating

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    • Get out and try cause I can't go through again what I went through last night

    • There you go

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  • question: what would a girl have to gain from blackmailing you via webcam?

  • It's a bad situation but blackmail only works if they catch you in a compromising situation. Next time don't be so quick to put yourself there. Take your time and try to meet them face to face. That will get rid of most frauds.

    • Yeah man I thought I was talking to a real girl typically if you start talking to a girl on a dating site and she says let's Skype. Your not gonna be thinking she is gonna start stripping and telling you to take off your clothes and once you do she records it and blackmails you and threatens to send it to your friends on Facebook which thankfully was a lie

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