Is my ex trying to get my attention?

So my ex broke up with me 4 months ago because I wanted to wait with sex (I'm a virgin) and because he wasn't looking for a relationship as he told me.

Anyway, since then I cut contact with him completely but he's contacted me through texts several times. Lately, he's been putting his photos on fb public, saying he misses someone (it was a love poem) and the other day he put his photos for the public to see (we aren't friends on fb anymore). I know he wants me to see those photos, because before we broke up we had planned on going to that same city.

So, is my ex trying to get my attention by doing these things or am I just overthinking it?


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  • Maybe i will say yes he is

  • He could be. If he texts you that's a sign that he does want to talk to you, or get your attention