2 great dates, but still haven't heard back afterwards?

Normally, I hate asking these questions because everyone has their own opinion and no one knows the specific situation, but I'm giving in and I'll ask anyway.

I met a girl on OKC that I found really pretty and she seemed to have similar interests. After talking for a bit, we exchanged numbers and I texted her. Within a few texts, I was able to secure a first date.

The first date went incredible. No awkward silences, laughter, great stories, great food. Basically, it was an amazing first date. After I drove her back to her apartment, we agreed to go on a second date and then we kissed.

I texted her when I got home and she responded and said she's looking forward to the next one.

Only problem is she takes forever to respond to texts (anywhere from an hour to three hours).

Anyway, before the second date, I bought her a few books that I thought she'd like based on what she said on the first date.

When I picked her up, she seemed happy with the books. Also, I got reservations at her favorite restaurant and she appreciated it. We had another great long date and things went really well. The conversation flowed, the jokes were on point, and we had some serious talks about what we were looking for. She said she's not looking to jump into anything right away, and I agreed, but told her I was looking for something long term. She said she's be open to something like that.

Anyway, I dropped her off at her apartment, and again, we agreed we had a good time and agreed to meet for a third date for this coming Saturday, and then we had an even longer kiss. However, when I got home and texted her, she didn't respond. I wasn't worried because she tends to take a few hours, but now it's the next day and still nothing. Also I saw that she was already online today.

I still plan on showing up at her place on Saturday either way, and whatever happens happens, but I am just so confused as to why I haven't gotten a response yet.

Only serious comments please.


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  • I really would not dig the books thing. Not because I don't read but because you've been on one date, that's present and she is obligated to read them no matter how busy her schedule.

    I would send her a casual text a few hours prior to the assumed date on Saturday before showing up. Doesn't sound like you guys locked down a time or outing?

    • I understand your point. I'm just a romantic in general so it's hard for me not to do these sort of things. She said she loved to read so I wanted to show her I was paying attention and got her what I thought shed like.

      I have now decided that instead of showing up on Saturday I will just text her once more on Wednesday to confirm a specific time (you're right we didn't have a specific plan).

      At this point, I believe she's probably not interested because I probably moved too fast too soon.

      I never would have thought this, but now I'm thinking she only agreed to a third date and kissed me because she wanted to let me down easy without rejecting me outright; I guess in return for all the money I spent on her.

      It's a shame. I really liked her. I guess that's just what is hopeless romantics have to deal with until we find someone who feels the same way about us.

    • LOL calm down there soldier. Don't write yourself off so soon. She agreed to the third date right? I really don't know any women that agree to a third date without some kind of interest.

      Your concerns seem to focus on text habits and OKC login. You texted her after the date probably that you got home and it was late? I programmed my iPhone to DND after certain hours and don't always get the alert in the morning about a text (only to discover it when another text comes during waking hours). Once you make real world contact with a person on OKC do not visit their page as it will only mess with your head. You have no idea why she got on. Maybe she was looking further into you or who knows. Dude- you have only been on two dates. She may be digging you like crazy but have outstanding coffee dates, who cares.

      Chill, go into the date assuming she is digging you since all signs point to yes. Slow down, breath and let her body language be your guide.

    • I sent her a text tonight to confirm a time. No response. At this point I have to believe she just agreed to a third date just because she didn't want to reject me in person. I haven't even logged into OKC since this past weekend. Guess it was nice while it lasted.

  • She could be busy or forgot all about the text


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