I dont know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME?

we decided to forget about each other while he was away at school so that he could figure out what he wants to do with his life and get himself back on track and although i told him id be supportive of his decision i miss his terribly. my brain keeps telling me to not contact him, but my heart wants to just say hi to him. i dont know what to do. we are meant for each other but our timing was off and we never got to date, but we have expressed to each other that we felt this undeniable connection between us. when weve kissed we couldnt get enough of each other and i could feel from the way he kissed me that it wasn't just about fun but there were emotions behind his kisses even though he wasn't ready to admit having feelings for me. so its now been 2 months since i last spoken to him or had any communication with him. the first 2 weeks i was alright, but i feel so broken right now and i miss him tremendously. he's the kinda guy who ruins all other guys for you. what should i do? i really need outsider advice



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  • 19 Fahrenheit and windy!!!

    • So sorry! Wrong question!!! I'll answer yours now!

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    • "Hey, I miss you. How have you been?". Or something like that.

    • This guy sums it up in a nutshell

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  • Just give him a shout and say hi. There is no harm in calling just to see how the other person is doing. Just keep it friendly.

    • and that i understand, but im worried that it will go against what we discussed and wil make me seem desperate or what not.

    • Oh god. If you guys are friends why would it matter. If it was the other way around wouldn't you be looking forward to hearing from that person especially if they like like they said. If he gets upset then is obviously trying to play you. If a person cared that much about you then why in their right mind would they tell you don't contact me. Maybe he has a gf there. Ever think of that. To me it sounds a little fishy

    • lmao he actually had a gf and admitted that he shouldn't have approached me that same day he did. he said he was sorry. we just connected so well and he actually broke up with his ex to date me but he wasn't ready yet so we didn't date even though we both wanted to see what it was between us cuz we knew something was there. he actually moved here to live with his ex and then moved out once he broke up with her. he actually asked me what i thought (in our first convo ever)