So, I have a question about Age Difference?

I met a guy on here. We exchanged emails and we have been talking for about a good year now. We Skype almost all the time. I really like him... and he really likes me too. I'm 19 and he's 29. We have a lot in common and we have so much chemistry. I like him because he's a man. Not an immature little fuck that likes to play mind games. I'm done with that shit. I've always been into older guys. He lives in Canada and I live here in the U. S. We want to meet up someday when were not busy... is it weird to like a 29 year old guy when I'm 19 years old?

I don't want hateful answers on here please. Just honest ones.


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  • 10 years isn't a lot, but if he is the older one, then he will probably be the one to make all decisions since he is more matured and given his age, more wise.

    • Thank you for your opinion :)

  • Despite the age difference, it's not weird. We cannot avoid liking someone. If you want this, do it.

    • So the age difference is weird? & yeah that's true! Thanks for your opinion!

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    • Ohhh I see! I'm just weirded out because I'm following my mothers footsteps... she married my dad when he was 30 and she was 18... I Don't think it's fate... is it?

    • No, don't worry, fate doesn't exist in my opinion. So, you're just doing something that you've seen before, but I'd call it just a coincidence, not fate.

  • its not traditional but its acceptable. I have a friend that is 34 and is dating a girl that is 22


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