Are we trapped in our imaginations?

have you thought of that we are trapped inside of our imagination? I mean.. ultimately we all just have needs and there might not be such thing as nice guy or nice girl? We are pretending and TV and movies control us to believe that there is other way around in order to survive? I see many guys frustrated because he couldn't find a real nice girl or a girl who are so lost because she couldn't find a real nice guy either. Are we ok living in a dream world or should we wake up?


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  • There's always something wrong with someone. Great guy, charming, witty, funny and polite. Problem? He's an ambitionless twit and refuses to get a decent job.
    Beautiful girl, decent job, makes you feel great about yourself and is your best friend. Turns out, she thinks you two are TOO perfect, and your relationship is becoming boring and she's losing that connection with you.

    Love isn't about perfection, it's about not letting the imperfections get in the way. You'll never find a perfect guy, but you can find a guy who's willing to try to be for you.

  • Well, it goes much deeper than that. The core tenet of epistemology is that our whole perception is just interpretation of sense data, and you'll realize the further you get in those studies by how easily tricked the brain is, a fact that hasn't been neglected by the let alone marketing departments.
    As for what you specified, the effect is called anchoring. By establishing a desirable role model in a fictitious environment it sets the standards by which you judge.
    Or at least I think that is what you meant.


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