Guy keeps pushing girl about a permanent future but girl wants to go slow, bad?

One female friend of mine got involved with a guy, they made it official after just a month of spending every minute together. Since she's a good friend, she told me he kept talking about a permanent commitment but she told him to slow down. I'm starting to think he is a creep? He treats her nice, showers her with gifts, etc etc. But moving too fast is bad?


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  • The only way a relationship can work is if both people are on the same page. Your friend and her guy don't seem to be and that can be a huge issue in the future where one person gets super attached. The only time you should get involved is if she being abused or used in the relationship, otherwise just listen to her and don't say anything. People, even if their relationship isn't right will get mad if someone says anything and may even blame them for the end of the relationship. Let her figure it out and just be there for her.

    • I did tell her to to give it time and see if it works out. She knows me well and sees me as a honest person whos not afraid to speak the truth. So I'm sure I did ok on that, what do you think?

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