Should I go talk to him in person?

My bf dumped me over text and won't answer me now he wouldn't tell me why this was the day our two week break finished and we were suppose to talk we go to the same school I was thinking I might just go to his car after class and wait for him to see if we can talk in person and find out why he said that he was acting like he truly cared just the other weekend it seemed like it would be good after all this and now this I'm just confused and hate how things ended I wanna know if I'm right about the reason he dumped me or if it was another reason could really use the help and advice please.


It's been about 5 and a half months of dating I just think he could be truthful with me that's all I ask and give a reason we should be able to be kind to one another after so long he knows I would back off if he just told me the Reason for this.


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  • Trust me, talking about something like this through text is definitely not gonna be helpful. You have a right to know why this happened. It may be tough and nerve wracking to go up to him and talk but it's the best thing you could do to find out. If you want to find out the truth, you have to go to the source. Don't be bitter and try to keep calm, level-headed, and open when he talks to you. You can do this. Good luck!

    • You are right calling and texting him is getting me no where I can't even sleep I just need to know why.. Its Not asking much of him I think he put me on reject on his phone as well so I will do what you.. Said and be calm and level headed as well as open when.. he talks to me I'm gonna try waiting at his car it's easier then looking for him it is nerve wrecking but I won't be bitter I will just be honest and say I feel I have the right to know after almost 6 months of dating we can at least be kind to each other he told me he's done with me to forget him it's still not a reason tho I just want the truth from him that's all I ask is he is truthful and gives me the Reason thank you you just made me feel a bit better :)

    • This should be lots of fun as I'm on my way to go see him now gonna wair at his car to talk and hope he just decides to simply talk your right this is so nerve wrecking I feel almost sick from how nervous I am

  • Also I just feels that after 5 and a half months of dating we can at least be kind to each other and he can be honest with me and know that if he just tells me the Reason and is truthful then I'll leave him be if he wants after.

    • You are right

    • Well my whole point is from What I. read he should just tell you if he knows you will back off after good luck