Muslim Guys.. can you date outside your religion or race?

I come across a few guys from Islam based countries and some of them seem to like me and all that but i always assumed that muslim religions were strict about marrying within your religion and even arranged marriage? Is that wrong? Are nowadays muslim guys in their early 20's marrying outside of their religion? Would their families even accept that?


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  • We are allowed to marry with christians and jews
    but we tend to avoid it because its hard for us to raise a family with mixed values... Its easier to get the girl to convert and most muslims who fall for non muslims end up converting her because islam if studied is an amazing religion...
    Well most muslim families would not accept a non muslim because we are cautious when it comes to religion but it has happened and you can't really stop it. Though the majority goes for option one
    On cultures well in indo-pak cultures marrying a girl of your choice is considered bad so most desis dont do it, the major reason is that in desi households a guy is not independent which means the family has a say in who he chooses as his spouse and families want to bring someone who they are sure would be able to adjust with them
    Now to clarify islam is against dating, it considers dating adultery which is one of the major sins..


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  • yes muslim people can marry jewish people and christian people. as long as the person isn't a atheist..

    • would the girl have to convert for marriage though? what if she wanted to remain christian?

    • no she can stay christian or jewish :) she doesn't have to convert

    • u can only marry jews and christians
      the reason for that is that they still one of the books that were sent down from the heavens i. e torah and bible...(now there validity is a completely different chapter which is why most islamic scholars say that its better not to marry)

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  • we can married chirstian and jewish. but it seems weird if it happen in my country. im muslim from malaysia