My girlfriend says I need to be more cute how can I be more cute?

See I'm not good at romance never have been really but my girlfriend wants me to be cute more often and I just can't figure out how


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  • by the sounds of it she dose not like you for who you are... love is about respect, caring and romantic and/or sexual feelings for each other. your supposed to love a person for who they are, by overlooking the negative things and focusing on the positive. you need to remember why you fell in love and what makes them "That Special Someone" it would seem that she is trying to change you... because she either too shallow to realize that you both have negative traits, and if she wants you to change to fit her picture perfect boyfriend... it won't happen, there are other girls cuter and kinder that are willing to date you, but you chose her! tell her that she either likes you for who you are or you'll find a girl who dose! don't change for love...

    • Dee I tell her that's just who I am and she understands that I just want to be cute for her more often of my own free will. She consent want me to change I want yo do this for her if that makes sense

  • Fuck your friend

    • I'm not sure what you mean bro

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    • I have all that I'm just not good with romance. I suck dick at it really

    • What do you you have problems on?

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