Why does society have notions like the friendzone?

isn't it most of the time, guys misinterpret friends' actions?

it could be that she... well never really saw you as such in the first place?

It seems most of the time, people in the friendzone complain about this from an almost childlike standpoint. They kind of reckon that even if their friend never had such thoughts towards them (and damn human choice, eh? :) ) it is somehow "unjust" and "wrong" to not be seen as a viable partner.

shouldn't people just grow up?


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  • Some people don't accept rejection well and can't comprehend that someone does not want them back so they bitch and moan about it.

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    • I did not post to put anyone in their place it has nothing to with confidence. I was simply saying that this is the reason why this friend zone thing exists that is all.

    • erm... no, i don't believe that, but there you go..

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