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Went out with a guy a few years ago; ended okay. He recently asked me out for lunch, during which time he asked me lots of questions but also told me lots about himself AND that he was going away in a few months (military). He text me afterwards saying it was lovely to see me and asking me to read some online articles he's written. That was yesterday. What is going on? Why did he ask me to go out when he is leaving the country? Help.
Or is it just friends catching up? In which case, why did he tell me so much about himself?


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  • Probably wants to win you back and make you fear for his safety. I'd tell him it was good to see him and good luck with everything! lol

    • Didn't think of that. Think you have a good plan there, as he's ignored me for years!

    • When people do that sort of thing there's always a reason behind it, examine their motives. I don't let people bowl into my life when they feel like it, fuck 'em! lol

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