How do I make a good Match online dating profile?

This isn't the place for jokes, serious answers please. I'm going to do online dating I've already picked a site Match I know it's a pay site and I can afford it, because I feel that Match is aimed towards serious relationships which is what I'm looking for and I believe that girls won't be so picky on a pay site, I really don't mind paying.

How do I make a good Match online dating profile? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Could I get some answers please.


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  • I met my boyfriend on match. What attracted me to his profile was that he used some humor poked fun at himself. But I could also tell that he was being honest and gave a good description of what he likes and what type of person he is. So just be honest and genuine and I'm sure you'll meet someone.


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  • if you really want expert advice on this then (I forgot his username) there is an expert on GaG about online dating and he knows how to make appealing profiles. if you can search all the experts then you can find him.

    • I found him. I visited his website but it doesn't say anything, it just says purchase a book or a profile writing package. I really can't afford it right now I'm saving up for the subscription and a book on how to be romantic.

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    • wow he put his message on followers only. lol. attach a message to this thread for him and tag him 1 more time.

    • I tagged him to this question, don't see the need to write a message.

  • You need to be positive, interesting and fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Seem like someone who has a cool life, does cool things, and wants someone to share them with. Don’t write an essay, leave something to make people want to contact you and find out more.

    Take some good pictures of you having fun, including at least one full length picture showing off your height and body.