How to propose?

26th Feb is my last day in school (&birthday) n i loves a boy in my class n he also loves me but he is toooo shy!! I think i have to confess it.. But the thing is i have never proposed someone.. N m to scared!! Its my first time! Someone please helpppp


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  • Speak to him, make small chat and tell him something like "you know... ... i find you cute (interesting, etc, use what you think of him, just one or two words), and i like you, can I have your whatsapp?

    eometimes when a teenager we think our world is school and if we go to different schools we'll be too far but to tell the truth, you can still hang out, date slowly (iy fou want), get to know each other etc without being in the same school... as long as you both want it. It's specially easy with social networks and smart phone messengers

    don't waste the oportunity

    • Well we have been knowing each other since 7 years.. And i m sure that he also loves him but he is too shy to tell which often make me confused.. But i have never been in a relationship or proposed someone.. In fact my friends will also help me.. But.. M too scared..

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  • You know propose has a different definition correct?