A guy rejected me but still is around.. Does he like me?

There was a classmate of mine who used to give me secret glances and so I developed liking for him as I thought he liked me. Eventually I ended up in proposing him on our last class. I got him a birthday cake and flowers. Two days after on our last exam day, my friend told him that he must take me seriously. He said he is not interested in me in any romantic way. My friend discussed it with me which broke me further and I couldn't attempt my last exam. She went to him and told him that I am bitterly crying and perhaps won't be appearing in the paper. He got angry with her on discussing all this prior to exam. He called me from his mobile and asked me to come and appear in the exam. I was too much heart broken and I began to cry on the call. But on his advice then I went for my exam. I stayed up in depression for two days when he msged me over Facebook that night; probably wanted to speak to me. He asked me if I was coming to join the class trip. I said no. He said why? you should come. He asked me y I was crying. I told him that my friend told me you are not interested in me when I had liked you. Then he told me to be strong and that he never saw me that way and I must move on. He said we and rest have been great friends so it's not good to finish relationships because of this. I said ok. After that I never spoke of anything with him. Even few days ago he misbehaved with me over something accusing me of telling him a lie where it was not my fault but then after a day he called me. I began to cry and said to him that he doubted me when I had so much different feelings for him since two years and that I never cheated him. He said, "I know you. I know I hurt you. Please don't cry. It doesn't make me feel good. I'm really sorry." Then I noticed him calling me frequently (infact he said that day, "it's been so long I heard ur voice so thought of calling."), caring about me, trying to offer his help, sharing his interests with me. Is he guilty or developing liking for me?

He avoids females mostly what I know in his nature. He is a mature and sensible person by nature and is not a flirt. Even then I had been noticing him giving me secret glances all the time I was studying with him. Even once when I caught him, he turned away his eyes.


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  • He is trying to be your friend. He cares for you. Unfortunately he doesn't seem sexually attracted to you. Not your fault or his... it's just a biological thing. You will find your true match someday. Hugs. I know it hurts. I been there before.

    • Thanks.. But I developed liking for him when I saw him giving me secret glances. When I said to him I love him, he said to me, "I respect your feelings but I know my family. Are there no feelings in my heart or I didn't let it happen. I know this only."/// Why he said like this? Don't you think he had a little bit liking too?

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    • I think he probably likes you but thinks there might be someone else more suited for him. Also he could b gay.

    • Ok then why would he apologise to me after he had rejected me and told me he is not interested in me? Does he feel guilty on rejecting a person like me? Or now he is developing feelings?

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  • Your mistake is thinking he owns you a romantic relationship. He doesn't own you anything. He doesn't see you as a gf. Move on.