Girls is shy guys turn off?

He's just shy thats all he look great and athletic confedent he's just little bit shy in the biggining later he's not shy when you know each other

Is that turn off?


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  • Honestly, a bit of a turn off, only because I am so extroverted that I would want a man that can keep up with me socially. When we go out, I do not want to be the one to carry the conversation. I just need to be compatible with someone in that way. It is just for me personally. I know a lot of women who love shy guys.

    • He is only shy to to take the first step only this He's bold and take conversation hold your hand in public hug you in public no pro

      Only shy in the biggining lets say the first step only

    • I suppose that would not be too much of an issue. I have been the one to take the first step in 75% of my relationships, anyway.

    • Thank you for MHO!

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  • No. Not at all.


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