How do I get experience with making a girl my girlfriend?

I'm turning 22 in June and have absolutely no experience with girls, I'm at a disadvantage for my age because I'm way behind in the game, I don't know how to make a girl my girlfriend, I don't know how to get to kissing and holding hands. I just want a fair chance for my experience level. I feel like I'm in limbo because I'm too inexperience with girls to get experience.

How do I get experience with making a girl my girlfriend? How do I get a fair chance?


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  • Forget your inexperience.
    Pretend that you're confident. Hand holding: Just take her hand like it's nothing.
    Kissing: find a girl you like and get to know her by asking her to do whatever it is you do for fun with you. If you both have a good time, ask her again.

    Ask her about herself and listen.

    Sit next to her, and put an arm around her.

    When you're at the end of the date, walk up to her and take her in your arms.
    Look into her eyes and then just kiss her. No tonsil hockey at first. Just kiss her, slow, gentle, but firm, and when she pulls back smile and say wow. See if she'll give you another one.


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  • Just no matter what, do not start with being friends. Cuz you will end up being her friend forever. Be a gentle-man , be good to her and respect her point of view and opinions. In no time, you'll have a girlfriend. All a girl wants in relationship is stability. If you can give that confidence to her then she'd never leave you. Coming to Approach, be cool, be organic, don't fake something. Just be yourself. Talk something lite and interesting at the same time. First few dates will be a nightmare. Later on. you'd know where you are in the game.

  • Just do what feels natural, if you fuck up remember 'FISH', fuck it shit happens. If she's pissed, to hell with her


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  • I'm also without experience but if there is one thing that I do know of and that I'm most certainly NOT going to do is making a girl your friend. Trying to become friends first and mates later is very hard to pull off. You are most likely guaranteed to be left in the friendzone.

    Instead approach girls with the intention to get to know them romantically first and once you're sure the two of you are together, it's best to start acting like buds then (I'm not implying that you should forget romance once she's yours, just that you should feel comfortable enough around her to act like you'd act with your best friend. And so should she.

  • There's a three date pattern that can be used as a guide
    date 1, you listen more then you talk, use open ended questions about her and her interests. Get to know her as a person. If things go well you invite her to date 2

    This one is more about compatibility, in the first one know each other, now how do you get along as a couple (no your not a couple yet) this is about mutual interests things that you both like.

    Third e is about becoming a couple, setting the ground rules, if you haven't kissed her yet now is the time you should walk away from the third date knowing where you are in her life, what the expectations are both from and for you. and especially know what the expectations are about sex (wait until marriage, whenever you are ready, whenever she is ready etc.)

    This gives you an outline that may help.

  • Just man up and do it. You can't get experience without getting experience. Do your best and everything and if you mess up you can just tell her that your her first. If you play it right, that might just make her more interested in you.

    • she's your first*
      yeah you know what I mean

    • I have a shit ton of confidence I'm not afraid of girls, I'm just a little concerned that I'm going to fuck up somehow. And that's a good idea telling her that she's my first girlfriend she might understand.

    • Well either way you gotta do it. If you fuck up then you fuck up. Live and learn bro.