How do you keep a relationship alive if your boyfriend is busy with work?

I am dating an older guy (20) and I am 16 and he is more busy than I am and does not have a lot of time to talk to me, however the times that we do talk everything is fine, is there any tips that could aid me to sustain the relationship?


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  • How are you a career woman at age 16?

    • Aww@crazyincalifornia, I am doing my AS Levels and I am going to university next year so I see the importance in being ambitious and career driven, I have goals in life and I guess I am mature for my age, I am just looking to find the balance between education and my boyfriend, im just asking for advice so I don't miss him all the time as I feel down sometimes

    • Well you are a motivated person

  • Sustain? Do you want to be with that man all your life? Just enjoy.

    • Aww I don't mean to stay with him for the rest of my life I just want the relationship to be long term and its hard when he is always busy