Dating a trans* person?

What are you thoughts about having a romantic and potentially sexual relationship with a trans* person? by the way I'm a trans* guy


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  • I'd date a trans* person... It's not your fault you were born in the wrong body. You are who you are. If I like your personality, I'd date you.
    Not going to lie, though, I'd probably be more likely to date a trans* guy than a trans* girl. I don't know why, I've just always felt that way.


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  • I'm a transgirl so i'm absolutely open to it. I'm dating another transgirl right now actually.

  • It's fine, as long as I am attracted to them.

  • Whenever I consider being in a relationship with a guy, I prefer trans guys by far

    • That's intresting, I've never heard someone say that actually. Why is that? :D

    • All of the trans guys I've met so far have been awesome people and very knowledgeable on lgbt topics, open minded, etc... I know I shouldn't generalize, but a majority of the cis guys I've come across so far have been rude, misunderstanding and clueless about a lot of things. They annoy me really quickly.

  • Transgender or transexual?

    • It's the same thing really, though the latter term is sort of outdated

    • the word trans alone most stands for transsexual but putting the * means that I would be talking about transgender, which is more of a umbrella term so it includes more people. So Transgender. :D

    • ya meant to write transvestite. There's tons of transgender communities online I would suggest you join some to explore your options. I would date a man ( once prior a female ) had he undergone a complete stage with surgery etc...

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  • I'm not open to the idea and can't pretend. It's not something I can handle. There are decent men and women open to dating transgender people, I've seen them. At a party this well-to-do guy introduced his wife and it was easy to tell she was transgender.

    From what I've heard, transgender p*rn gets a decent amount of views. That's not the most consoling statement, but it shows you're not alone. I had a friend in High School who watched it.

    • Trans p*rn is extremely fake and disrespectful though. The fact that people still use the horrible slurs from that p*rn shows how damaging it is. It is also incredibly dehumanizing

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    • The filmmakers make the woman stop HRT for two weeks prior and then make her take a ton of viagra which is so horrible. It's super fake because the large majority of trans girls are not comfortable at all with their assigned genitals and thus will not use them for anything. It also gives a huge misconception that being trans has anything to do with sex which it doesn't.

    • The reason I never got into medicine is because I get queezy over that stuff. Just... Ugh.

  • Not interested in transwomen.