This guy pursued me for a year and acted like a boyfriend but then rejected me. What? Why?

This guy went after me, we had the best time together and got along perfectly. Everything went great and then he kissed me, we got confused and confronted it. I admitted to wanting more, he said he would get very serious too but that he can't do this because we can't. So he backed off and rejected me. As time went by, he got more and more firm about this. He said its never going to happen. Recently he told me, I'm just not the one for him. Whereas at the time, he said he felt closer to me and stuff. What happened? How could he so easily close every option of even reconciling.. after growing so attached to me? He said he can't imagine not being friends with me, but I of course decided to move on. He felt hurt. After a month, he knew i was going to the same party and he was hoping to see me and be friends again. I avoided it, but after 2 months of being depressed.. I reached out to be friends.. we spoke for 2 months and I realised he was just wasting my time and I can't be friends with him since I don't want to be "that girl". I don't get what I did wrong, I never pushed him and he relied on me for so much too. Any thoughts?

P. S he was the one who would message "i love you" before going to bed. He sent me flowers on my birthday and was always there for me.


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  • I think he has commitment issues. And when the relationship started to get more intense he decided to push away

    • Why would he be so willing to ruin everything? I think he probably just lead me on? I think he would even commit to someone else, for all you know. And isn't it true that if a guy really likes a girl, he won't be afraid to commit since he won't want to lose her?

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    • Thanks! You have been really helpful :D. I actually feel better, I was putting myself down a lot over this. That I just wasn't desirable enough or didn't handle it properly. But I guess when a guy likes a girl, it should fall into place somehow... I hope I can find that some day, haven't succeeded so far..

    • I'm sure you will find it. Mr. Right is out there. :-)

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  • You were probably just really bad at kissing and thought you'd be bad at sucking penis too.
    Ain't no man got time for that.

    • Lol I'm a good kisser (told by every guy I've been with), he wasn't fantastic to be honest. He told me he felt closer after the incident though. A bit of a dweeb...

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    • Haha you're funny, and get even more heartbroken? He would have just done it and walked away, I would have felt really crappy

    • Lol, girl, that's what rebounds are for.
      I'm here when you need one ;)

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    • Yeh I have to admit, I under-estimate how important it is to write correctly on this website and just babble... sorry...

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