So torn on my decision to break up... please help?

So I've been dating this guy since December, not exclusive. He's nearly divorced (final in April) and was married for 20 years. I wanted more and he, understandably wanted to just date and see other people as well. I know Id probably do that as well after being tied down my entire adult life. So we wanted two different things, though he says he has never felt the chemistry between us with anyone else including his wife, he says I'm perfect for him in every way, but he Can't jump right back in. I know he is actively dating, because we've discussed it. So today I made the choice to let him go, we talked for over an hr today and feel time apart will give perspective. I feel good about doing this but I also hurt. Knowing that I Can't see him, I'll miss him etc. Wondering if another girl will swoop in worries me the most. I have a busy month of work ahead of me, so I'll be occupied with that, but I Can't help thinking of what may or may not lie ahead. I'm a overthinker. And if he does come back I think I'll be letting him come to me. Any thoughts on this?


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  • I think you should also date other people if possible. He's got to do what he's got to do, but he also shouldn't expect you to just wait around for him. That isn't fair to you and you shouldn't do it to yourself


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